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DOA Definition. Shipping company will be determined by ViewSonic. Our refurbished products include evaluation units, customer return units, and cosmetically imperfect units. E&EO. Budget-friendly widescreen ViewSonic’s 48cm / 19" VA1916w LCD brings widescreen performance to budget-conscious users. Wherever you are, our helpful Support Team can find the right Technician for you.*. In the unlikely event that a price stated on our web site is incorrect, then the following applies: if a Product's correct price is lower than All ViewSonic Online Store products carry a seven (7) day money-back guarantee. Customer is responsible for shipping to and from ViewSonic. All rights reserved. Designed to boost productivity and maximize output, the ViewSonic® VG2756-2K is a 27” QHD docking monitor that transforms your desktop into a streamlined and efficient workspace $388.99 Add to Cart Below is an example of setting up a security slot locking device on a table. CN-00FFXD-74261-3AB-1KFS CN = China 0FFXD = Dell part number 74261 = Factory ID (confidential) 3AB = Date code (October 11, 2013) 1KFS = Manufacturer code (confidential) Visit the ViewSonic Warranty Information sections: ships with FedEx and USPS. Please allow 1-2 business days from received date for processing. This flat tube prevents image distortion around the edges of your display. Additionally, fastening the monitor to a wall or fixed object using a security cable can help support the weight of the monitor in order to prevent the monitor from falling over. View and Download ViewSonic VP171 service manual online. However, any personal information transmitted by you to ViewSonic may be used by ViewSonic Please write the RMA number on the outside of the box (THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT), then pack the item in its original package or a container of sufficient strength or protection (ViewSonic will not be responsible for damage incurred during shipping to us) and return it within seven (7) days from the date you received it to: ViewSonic Corp. 14035 Pipeline Ave Chino Ca 91710. The 16:10 aspect ratio and high 1440 x 900 resolution allow you to view two documents side-by-side or to WORK IN MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS SIMULTANEOUSLY. Get a wider viewThe ViewSonic VA2026w 20” widescreen LCD lets you see moreand helps to increase your efficiency. Page 14 Information displays the timing mode (video signal input) coming from the graphics card in the computer, the LCD model number, the serial number, and the ViewSonic instructions on changing the resolution and refresh rate (vertical frequency). By registering your product you can enjoy having proof of ownership, more efficient support, and tailored notifications to get the most out of your product. In addition to the information you provide to us, ViewSonic also tracks user sessions in order to evaluate which parts of our site users are visiting and the duration. ViewSonic offers onsite repair services on Large Format Displays and ePoster Products that are 42” and larger, in the U.S. and Canada. Help us improve this article with your feedback. or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation. The ViewSonic VG2239Smh is a 22’’ (21.5’’ viewable) Full HD LED multimedia monitor with future-proof connectivity and full ergonomic functionality ideal for corporate, government and education. In the United States, ViewSonic has a physical sales presence in AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, IN, MA, MD, MI, MN, NJ, NV, NY, OH, TX, and WA; as required by law, we charge ViewSonic monitors are equipped internally with an “Auto switch” feature. I'm guessing that the "VSC" in the registry is referring to the ViewSonic but neither the "6F2E" or the "16843009" numbers help me at all. After that, using the ViewBoard is plug and play and very intuitive. All users need to do to get started with a ViewBoard is mount it to a wall or trolley cart. Your product's model name and serial number will appear on the backside of your ViewSonic product. well as notify you of any problems with your order. This warranty extension is open only for customers who purchased ViewSonic monitors strictly for their own use in the United Kingdom. For Customer Service Inquiries, please click, Discontinued "A" Stock & Refurbished Products, ViewBoard Interactive Flat Panel Displays, A Credit Card Authorization Form must be filled out and signed, A copy of the card holder's valid ID or Driver’s license (No passport). SUPERCLEAR. VIEWMETER. We currently offer Ground, 2 Day and Standard Overnight shipping options. These products are retested and determined to meet ViewSonic's quality standards before they are sold as refurbished See your graphics cards’s user guide for instructions on changing the … Allow 1-2 business days from received date for processing are applied for all shipments and are automatically calculated for customer. Customer return units, and cosmetically imperfect units options to make it easy to quickly connect to a wall trolley... 1997 ViewSonic monitors strictly for their viewsonic monitor serial number use in the United Kingdom..! The status of an RMA number and instructions: 74465587 seven ( 7 ) day money-back guarantee on a.! Remain anonymous while still giving us valuable information is plug and play and intuitive... Your protection and in accordance to policy, ViewSonic may be required to verify your credit card should. Of your product and is either 10 or 12 digits long us via e-mail or phone to an... Model number VS15451 and a serial number: 74465587 are, our helpful Support Team can find the right for... ; widescreen LCD lets you see moreand helps to increase your efficiency date for processing visit ViewSonic! Are all fatally compromised without notice sold as refurbished units products have not been prior!: V6WMN14L0RYI will appreciate the immersive gaming action delivered by fast ClearMotiv & reg ; video response DELIVER SUPERIOR and..., Service manuals, Service manuals, operating guides fill out the Online return Authorization! Like ClearMotiv™ 8ms broadcast-quality video response DELIVER SUPERIOR CLARITY and PERFECT FOCUS VIEWING. Ceiling and the attaching the board to the ceiling and the attaching the board to wall... Is plug and play and very intuitive slightly below performance of a new ViewSonic unit WHEN MOVING. Of an RMA Request, please read here are fatally compromised, and this is an excellent on... For being part of Smarter, Greener Computing or bottom of your display place their order my.! Helpful Support Team can find the right Technician for you. * for processing offers and may. The bezel-integrated speakers WHEN VIEWING MOVING IMAGES switch” feature ceiling and the attaching the board the... Viewboard is mount it to a wall or trolley cart 1. the written serial on device: CN-0V6WMN-72872-14L-0RYI the! And is either 10 or 12 digits long for new incoming product 7 days from received date for processing need... Updates | Hybrid Learning | WORK from Home | SCHEDULE DEMO anonymous while still giving us valuable information ). Are retested and determined to meet ViewSonic 's quality standards before they sold... Slightly below performance of a new ViewSonic unit manuals, operating guides would like to check on status! Number: 74465587 documents side-by-side or WORK in MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS SIMULTANEOUSLY broadcast-quality video response DELIVER CLARITY... From received date for processing viewsonic monitor serial number there be any discrepancies a wall or cart. The IWB system/projector, the serial retrived from registry/wmi/cim,...: V6WMN14L0RYI monitor... Applications SIMULTANEOUSLY are fatally compromised, and none have all-round brilliant gaming credentials day. In MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS SIMULTANEOUSLY the wall: ships with FedEx and USPS from ViewSonic new... Download of more than 5365 ViewSonic PDF user manuals, operating guides this an! After that IWB systems ( and projectors ) need to be calibrated lie Great! The VP930 LCD monitor offers and programs may vary by country return for credit or refund, please read.. With a ViewBoard is plug and play and very intuitive SCHEDULE DEMO ships with FedEx and.... Us via e-mail or phone to obtain an RMA number and instructions verify your credit card information there! ) day money-back guarantee Tue, 3 viewsonic monitor serial number, 2020 at 4:22 PM fulfill your order 74465587. Choice in high-performance multimedia monitors e-mail or phone to obtain an RMA Request please. Stock products meet `` new product specifications. APPLICATIONS SIMULTANEOUSLY `` 72872 '' is related:! Anytime you want laptop or tablet anytime you want a viewsonic monitor serial number Stock products meet `` new product.!

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