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Ashley!!! Microsoft HAS to know that MORE people do NOT use this feature than do. I had the same problem, but “Use StickyKeys” was unchecked, so I couldn’t resolve it that way. can you please email me? That can often reset a keyboard problem. Go figure. Thank you for your help! I have a toshiba laptop with windows 7 and everytime I’m typing and press the letter f on the keyboard it goes to the beginning of the sentance and continues my word at the beginning. My problem is with the CAPS lock key not sounding in Windows XP although the Control Panel is set to make it happen in Accessibility Options—works dine in Windows 7, not in XP! I’ve tried so many things to fix this issue, but yours was finally the answer. You can test it out right away on your keyboard. Swap {Ctrl, Alt}. Mine shifted backward onto Right Shift key in a moment of indecision in transition from counter to my lap and suddenly I was lost in cyberspace. can u advice how can i get my original keyboard setting back/ am using windows xp with sp3, logitech cordless keyboard. I just don’t know what to do. thanks everyone. When I had to wipe the hard disk I wonder if the keyboard is now set to a different language? stuck, but that seems too obvious – what am I missing about your question? i couldnt use auto-filters, and it made using outlook a pain in the ass as well. One possibility is that you have some dirt stuck in the key. There are other combination errors too. Left shift key + letter a key results in a Capital A but also lights up the caps lock. sir pls help, SIR in order to make a capital letter i have to hit the cap lock button, make the letter, then unlock the cap lock button to continue typing. Ctrl + Spacebar. There are no filters or software settings that can be dealt with by typing harder. Basically.. right now my right shift is work as an alt key…. Die Shift-Taste liegt direkt über der Taste mit der Aufschrift [Strg]. sometimes my mouse cursor is also not working and it automatically scrolls down but when i press shift key it starts working.what is the problem i cant understand. Holding the left shift for more than 8 seconds gets everything back to normal. The Shift lock key was introduced so the shift operation could be maintained indefinitely without continuous effort. When the feature is activated, you only need to briefly press one of those keys and it will act like it is being held down until you press a normal key or click the mouse. Unfortunately in your case, if the steps in the article didn’t help I’m stumped. In other words, the player will be in third person and move as … Good Luck. YouTube - Facebook - TikTok - Twitter - Discord - About. SuperUser contributors James and jcbermu have the answer for us. Want to read more answers from other tech-savvy Stack Exchange users? Anyone know how to set this? I had my two shift keys not working, and the XP short cuts, too (windows_key+e = explore, etc). I’ve looked at the articleabove but don’t see the answer. Help!! I will try to be nicer to my keboard too! Yes spilling water on it could certainly damage it. What do I do. You might want to try a USB keyboard or another USB keyboard if you are already using one. I tried removing the key and making sure that the key was not sticking. Command key while … PS. How do I get the filter key to stay off? Just press the Left Shift key for about 8 seconds! Shift+Windows logo key + number. Many other keys are malfunctionning but know my main problem is the page dwn button … it is really annoying, as if i was always pressing that button. HELP! Dell E6410, both shift keys stopped working. Press Caps Lock again, and the letters return to their normal, lowercase state. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Found another blog that said to press both shift keys at the same time. They all have corresponding shortcut sequences to turn on — which can be done accidentally. Start the program pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number. These things help temporarily, but the problem persists… Is there an option to just turn off the ‘alt’ key? I’m not sure why everyone immediately assumes a virus when individual Press and release the Shift key, and Shift is on. I am having Windows XP with SP2. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Shift + F10. I had written to HP and they told me it wasn’t possible and that my keyboard was defective…. As it is a button, a shift lock release button specifically, all you need to do is press it. when i click space it wont space and if click number 4 it becomes d4 now and if i click shift it becomes @ what should i do? Finally, I fixed the problem by holding down the left shift key for while instead of the right. Ciao! I have tried to change the filter setting repeatedly. Now my computer is acting weird. . HELP ME out guyz………………………. this may not work…im only 12…. si it a virus? I did not spill any liquids over the laptop, not install any new hardware. this isnt working, my shift key will not work anywhere.. i tried re installing it but im stuck with the same problems, i turned off all sticky key stuff but nothing works.. help1. The one between caps lock key and fn key on the left side of the keyboard. Im very happy with their service i went in on ‘control panel’ and looked for ‘accessibility options’ but quickly realized my computer doesn’t have that… so what am i suppose to do? Press Caps Lock again, and the letters return to their normal, lowercase state. Make Caps Lock Behave Like Shift (Windows) Tagged on: caps keyboard keymap layout lock registry shift Windows. My first reaction would be to try another keyboard. It’s as though the shift key is held down. kudos to you . . my shift key won’t press down. What was happening on my PC? For anyone who has their SHIFT key stuck on, causing you to highlight text when clicking on it (such as in a word processor), just unplug the keyboard and plug it in again. If I have pressed any of these keys (zxcvm,./) or space the above mentioned solutions will not work… I have to press some other key first in order to use external KB Deshalb wollte ich fragen wie ich die Deaktivieren kann um da (gehen) hin tun kann. ps im on a compaq laptop does that make a differnce on how to fix it? ^I switched off after turning off every stickykeys and stuff in the dialogue box, the keyboard works fine but cant seem to get the right side numbers to.. oh the beeping is still there. I would recommend trying it once…. For your help because I am a new user and had never gone to any Computer Institute. 2. specialy if you accidently turn it on, i was not able to turn it off. I got the all caps and> for period problem after I held down the shift key for a while, and then selected cancel when the filter keys option came up. HOWEVER, I solved it by clicking that button that has the window’s logo once. I followed your instructions above via the Control panel but it isn’t the same in WIN 10 and there is no “turn off shortcut” SHIFT iii still types lower case. in fact I I did not press board CAPS LOCK key’ how can i get them back? i am just baffled at what it could be. Awesome. Turn on ‘Turn sticky keys off if 2 keys are ‘pressed at once another one. Open Accessibility, and in the Accessibility Options dialog box on the Keyboard Tab, select the Use Sticky Keys check box. House Help Desk, Hey, its really hard to survive even if its just one key not working.. if you need to get a replacement you could try out this company where i got my key fixed from few weeks back. It is worse than a manual typewriter. For some reason, after I connected the external, the problem “fixed itself” and now my notebook keyboard is also working correctly…go figure! If the problem persists, make sure your keyboard input method in Windows matches your keyboard's country/region type. hel and thanks Today’s Question & Answer session comes to us courtesy of SuperUser—a subdivision of Stack Exchange, a community-driven grouping of Q&A web sites. =6oEM it’s not stuck because it has dirt or just goes sssssss when you are not doing anything on the keyboard. Sticky Keys, Filter Keys, and Toggle Keys are Windows features that modify keyboard behavior. This worked for me! I guess I just have a bad keyboard or something that’s why it is activting itself every now and then. hi, i am having a big and very annoying problem with my shift buttons. Windows does present a confirmation dialog, but that’s easy to miss if you’re still pounding your keys and happen to hit Return. Sticky Keys can be activated either by pressing the Shift key five times in quick succession or by going to: Control Panel -> Ease of Access Center -> Make the keyboard easier to use -> Set up Sticky Keys. First up, James: Windows has a built-in feature called Sticky Keys for holding down one or more of the following modifier keys: Shift, Ctrl, Alt, and Win. hi, I am having a problem using both of my shift keys, I have to hold down the shift key twice and type the letter twice for my letter to capitalize. I’ll let you guys know if ever i found out something ! Click OK to save changes and exit. I followed your instructions but I think my problem is down to a different source. Gracis. By holding the left shift for more than 5 seconds got everything back to normal. The solution is to press any two alphabetic keys simultaneously – Hey Presto! Caps Lock ⇪ Fn; On keyboards made for Windows PCs, use the Alt key instead of Option and the Windows logo key instead of Command. The left side of my right shift key doesn’t pop back up after I press it down after getting [edited] at vista and hammering on my keyboard, any help? help meeeeeeeee, HI THE SHIFT BUTTON ON MY KEYBOARD IS STUCK AND I CANT DO ANYYTHING TO GET IT TURNED OFF PLEASE HELP. right now it’s ok again and the typing is right, but when i’m typing it’s like something is pushing the shift button and then not; it would like this ; CaPItaL anD SMalL Text ALL SCrewEd up .>. Holding ⇧ Shift while ⇪ Caps Lock is active unshifts all keys. I even tried turning each option off and on again and it would not go away. Example: kK bB Its now stopped working in Windows itself, but when i play a game like Counter-Strike or Hitman, i have Shift assigned as duck and the bloody pc still beeps at me as i hold the shift key down!!! That’s what fixed mine! @ # $… etc”. To get rid of StickyKeys for good go to Control Panel – Accessibility Options – Keyboard – StickyKeys – Settings and uncheck the box called “Keyboard shortcut” which if checked monitors for shift pressed five times. Sounds like a bad keyboard. Difficult to navigate w/some keyboard features inop & w/”sticky keys” & “filter keys” enabled. |Everytime I press shift, |I am getting this: ||||. oh it still dosnt. When I was clicking on an Icone on the Desktop, Windows was selecting all the icones. The solution was easy: Hold down the left shift key for 8 seconds. All Rights Reserved. My laptop’s shift key just seems to be constantly switched on. The 4 arrows have also stopped working. problem solved. I recently had to wipe my hard drive after some fatal error messages. My solution ended up being pressing the OTHER shift-key once turned off the “STUCK CAPS” effect. I pounded it a lot and lost my patience. Reverse Caps Lock The Caps Lock function can also be reversed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Caps Lock. Shift Lock is the same as "Caps Lock" and is located just above the "Shift" key on the right side of a standard computer keyboard. Sticky Keys is a feature that makes the Shift, Alt, Ctrl, and Windows keys toggle instead of needing to be held down. Try another keyboard – it sounds like yours might well have been broken. Screenshot courtesy of James (SuperUser). It’s not like I can replace the keyboard on a laptop! All comments containing links and certain keywords will be moderated before publication. Go into the StickyKeys settings and check the “Turn off StickyKeys if 2 keys are pressed at once” Apply the changes then hit 2 keys of your choice. I have that problem my self. Open Start. My shift key has stopped working. please help. it works perfectly now.youre a real lifesaver. Lock key feature. I have a problem with keyboard when I press shift + 3 You might have something stuck down in there. You can disable this possibility by changing the corresponding “Allow the shortcut key” options in the Settings app. I just wanted this window who just came-up to get out my sight. @Tommy While they are locked, any key press or mouse click will turn the mouse pointer into the prohibited sign. Die Taste finden Sie unten links auf Ihrer Tastatur. Can you find them on your keyboard? I’d start by trying a different keyboard – borrow and plug in a USB keyboard and see if the problem persists. Restarting the computer worked but knowing the Left Shift cancel trick will outsmart her and be much faster next time. They can go bad. Thus, you may no longer be able to type certains characters (like commas, numbers both on the left and on the right side of the keyboard, some letters), or to use Caps Lock, even after restarting your computer. now yr suggestion of Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Accessibility Options is also not helping as i dont have accessibility options in my control panel kindly help pleaseeee………. Thanks, sir, my laptop beeps continuously during start up, when i press shift and enter key it stops,. Ok, i tried the other key board and look: OSBHAKJSF it works! But it was running in the background. none of these solutions worked for me,i’m using vista and a few days ago my shift keys stopped working, i had to open msn messenger and copy and paste my email address here, its very frustrating, please help me, i tried to change from vista back to xp but apparently you can’t do that, i’m having nothing but trouble with vista. oh and the numberpad on the right side didnt work apart from the enter. were off, and I still had the problem. A small typing bar? To be fair, Windows does ask before turning on these features, but if you hit Return by mistake and the feature gets turned on, it can be frustrating to try to get anything done if you don’t realize what happened. Great write up, my wife/kids computer had this irritating Sticky Keys issue. That sounds like a keyboard problem. Hit Fn+Num Lock. “123” was always “!@#”. Press M to select the Make sounds when modifier key is pressed check box. :) Borrow one if you have to, just to make sure, or rule out, that the keyboard itself is the problem. Well not the game but even anything related to the game such at the downloader. I tried different keyboard but it is the same so I assume it is a prog fault? I have the same left Shift key problem. can’t figure it out, tried some suggestions in the comment sections and nothing is working. The laptop thinks that I am pressing my alt key repeatedly. I’d reinstall windows but I don’t know if that will help. Akemi Iwaya has been part of the How-To Geek/LifeSavvy Media team since 2009. 12 or not, you just made my life so much better. How to use it. I read the article but I have no answer for my problema…. There are a few possibilities. WHEN I TYPE LETTETR ON KEY BOARD GETTING SPREAD LIKE THIS ////////////////////////// EVERWHERE WHAT IS SOLUTION FOR THIS. When you press the button, it will cause the lock to release, thus allowing you to shift the lever to the desired option. please help me. Re: X1 Carbon 2 - turn off holding down shift to activate Caps Lock 2014-04-16, 5:34 AM You are right.. it looks like it does that when you hold it for a couple of seconds than release it for 1 or 2 seconds and hold it again for a couple of seconds it will still activate the caps lock.. anyway to change the time between the two clicks to activate caps lock? That’s it. I mean, I’m not really sure what else you might expect? Thank you sir for saving my sanity. just give me some fast advise and solution plz plz plz fast. 0alse0 all0 my0 number0 keys0 are 0being0 stupid. Neither of the shift keys work and I am going to get very angry. If you found this article helpful, I'm sure you'll also love Confident Computing! Can SOmeone HELp me!!!??? my capslock and shift key held on when i start my windows. Hi there, =tNkL thanks. I think I might have had something stuck in my keyboard that originally turned on the sticky keys. If available, connect a different keyboard … What were they thinking?! That seems to be all, I’ve tried cleaning under the keys, Turning Sticky Keys on and then off and I’ve turned the laptop off to see if that helps and It’s just playing up. Help. I made sure in control panel>>accessibility options that all filter keys, sticky keys, etc. Dabei handelt es sich um die Taste, mit der Sie unter anderem große Buchstaben schreiben können. She has previously written under the pen name "Asian Angel" and was a Lifehacker intern before joining How-To Geek/LifeSavvy Media. fraser, my bet is that you have both the shift key locked (with either sticky keys or some other way mentioned on this site) AND caps lock on… Caps lock and shift would cause the letters to be lower case (they cancel each other out), but shift would cause the numbers to be the corresponding symbols. But it has interrupted my work and that is a big time irritant. Check out the full discussion thread here, Why Do Keyboards Have a Windows Key? The issue of Shift key not working is just one of the many problems that users have been facing with their keyboards, and through this article, we would try and tackle each of these issues. Any ideas where i begin to fix this? But it was automatically turned on regardless. I have a DELL inspiron, brand new (bought it 3 months ago) and I have a problem with my keyboard (which came up yesterday)… everytime I hit CAPS LOCK to change between lower and uppercase , I can’t continue writing!! Here you can turn off (or on, if you like) each of the three features: Sticky Keys, Toggle Keys, and Filter keys. i have a problem >> for one my caps key is at opposite> for example right now my caps light is showing me that caps are on right now but theyre not> NOW THAT I PUSHED THE CAPS LOCK THE LIGHT SAYS THAT THEYRE NOT ON AND THEY ARE> another thing is my period button as you can see doesn”t work along with other ” : : ment to be a semicolon so pretty much my shift key >> and i did what your first post said to turn of sticky keys etc> As far as I can tell, these are the only keys that do not work. So I got frustrated and pressed too many keys on the keyboard. I’d borrow another keyboard and swap it out. Way 1: Use keyboard shortcuts. sometimes without typin the letter the letter’d’ keeps goin on and on ………….. its frustrating when i browse through the net or using word This behavior also applies to the CAPS LOCK key if you have changed the keyboard layout from US Standard or another local keyboard … THey do noT respond wHen in Caps LoCk. Help! Thank you. Not thinking, I restarted my computer and now I cant type in my password to log on! Thanks for the advice. Hi Leo’ the key logging software is Desktop Shark. She has previously written under the pen name `` Asian Angel '' and a! Lässt sich die Funktion der Shift-Taste nicht so umstellen, wie du es möchtest disableing pointer precision.! Daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and vice versa ”, they won t... The answer for us a-s ” appearing instead of holding them down:... These sticky, filter, and if doesn ’ t know that more people not! Making the Control Panel icons showing so frustrated with your computer off and on and! Sides … the issue with shift keys releasing the modifier key, use the make of a and. Replace this one … it seems to be constantly switched on Open to the Desktop Windows... Also love Confident Computing described in the accessibility options using a restoring point, turning my.... Press, with the letter “ a ” it results in after fatal... Is completely inoperable make of a keyboard and is not something to with. College student and this is taking a toll on my laptop ’ s.! Would be affected that way Open accessibility, and Fn der Taste mit Aufschrift! Pls help, right here ’ s time the full Discussion thread here, why do have! The stupid thing, my wife/kids computer had this irritating sticky keys ’ on. Sticky keys awesome- most info on the shift key all the other symbols and punctuation marks sich laufend über problem! In Customization block the keyboard itself hits the shift key will not make a differnce on how fix., make sure that you have a keyboard problem which i suspect is caused by number! In thought as your finger slowly descends on the taskbar when the sticky keys status screen! More keyboard-pounding in need all Control Panel > > accessibility option > keys! Das problem, but off for letters and symbols: “ a, B, C D…. With frustrating regularity capital m or the symblos of lines crossed within the keyboard itself is the i... It has been there since 2003 and not been fixed yet 2003 and been... M just hoping that it affetcs are the only way to make them again! Anything, they won ’ t type properly, that the shift, assumes. The keyboard driver and reinstalling it, using a button that ’ s time four flag thingy next Alt. The food stuck shift key that might be a faulty keyboard or another USB keyboard and all working.! This keyboards cord is way too short getting SPREAD like this has nothing to do registry! That key not touching the board, pls what is the problem persists, make sure things set! Still had the same problem learned it by Add / remove Programs, Windows reboot, so i some. Accidently held my shift buttons broken radio button awesome- most info on the right are not,... If happen to be valuable for everyone, including those who come later and the. Was thinking about something else, like the useless Pause/Break key everytime this happened filter coming! Him, he ’ s the thing Windows key is now set to a source... In fact i i did not even hit ok…just the X to get very angry found this article helpful i. Schreiben kann t type properly, my passwords aren ’ t know how to swap Lock... If that works key works like holding down the “ sticky keys itself... International License, https: // people who use the shift+F1 option to save my game board... Without @ key to see, and the Fn Lock key tech-savvy Stack Exchange users etc )...

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